Sinus Infection Symptoms

Sinusitis is one of the nasal or upper respiratory diseases that affect many people today, sinus infection symptoms is marked by the inflamed nasal passages and the sinuses, the infection is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, pressure in the face area, including eyes, nose, cheek or one side of the head

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When you have sinusitis, it may also be accompanied with fever, sore throat, bad breath, and one of the most common is nasal congestions that produces thick nasal secretions. The sinusitis has two categories, the chronic which is the common sinus type that lasts for a long term, and the acute one that usually occurs on sudden onset.

Sinus infection symptoms are varied depends on the level of the sinusitis as well as the nasal parts that get the infection. However, there are some common symptoms that you may feel continuously or coincidentally due to temperature change. The first infection is the pain around your eyes and forehead area. You may feel that you are being pressed on those areas. The pain is also felt on the top of your head. In this area, the pain can stay intensely when you do some head moves such as bending over your head or quickly moving your head.

Effect of Sinus Infection:

Sinus Infection SymptomsPeople with sinusitis may often feel fatigue. This fatigue stays even while you are taking a rest. This symptom often goes unnoticed in many patients, yet it is highly irritating because it hampers your performance at work, or even your social interactions with family and friends. The next sinus infection symptoms happen on the sinus area. You may find that you have sinus drainage in thick and any color from the clear into the yellowish green. It keeps flowing on your nose, and into some extent it even shows bloody sinus drainage. Somehow, you may feel that the sinus drain flows back to your throat and you accidentally swallow and feel nausea because of it.

Sinus Infection SymptomsYour sinus or nasal passages are blocked, hence it makes you difficult to breathe through your nose. As a consequence you may find out that you are breathing through your mouth, especially when sleeping at night. The sinus infection symptoms also affect your ability to taste or smell and object as well as causing you to have bad breath. As mentioned earlier, the symptom may also get accompanied by fever and sore throat. Ear pain is one of the symptoms, but it is rarely happen to the most of the patients.


It is highly recommended for you to consult to your doctor and look for medication when you feel one or two of those sinus infection symptoms. Some symptoms may come and gone depend on your health condition, but some other symptom may stay regularly, such as the sinus drainage and the irritating headache and pain around the eyes as well as fatigue. In some patients, the symptoms might be accompanied by a pain sensation on your nose especially on nasal passages when you are drinking cold beverages or as simple as eating your favorite ice cream. When you get cold or flu and those sinus infection symptoms come up, go to your doctor directly to get proper examination on your nasal passages
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