Nasal Congestion Remedies

Talking about nasal congestion remedies, the prospect of the nasal congestion that caused by the allergy, cold or flu will not make a lot of people feel comfortable. The fact that the decongestants are not always helpful makes these people feel a lot more uncomfortable. The nasal congestion is caused by the swelling of the nasal tissues, the draining of the mucus in the sinus cavities and has nowhere to go. The condition of allergic, cold and flu can come in many times repeatedly and people need to be ready by searching the safe, easy and quick nasal congestion remedies that can be found at home.

Nasal Congestion RemediesThere are several home remedies that can be used in order to relief the symptoms of the sinus congestions. The home made nasal congestion remedies can even cease the symptoms permanently. In anticipating the nasal congestion, it is important to keep the surrounding environment clean. People can choose to use the air conditioner in order to remove the allergens and the other airborne irritants, make sure to always stay in the well air filtered room. The vaporizers are also recommended in order to relief the nasal congestion. If the vaporizers are not available, breathing upon the boiling water with herbs or vinegar will help.

The other ways of solving the nasal congestion are through the consumption of the certain type of foods, the pungent foods or the spicy foods. Changing the consumption of food is an example of the great nasal congestion remedies. The food consumption will include the spicy foods that became the characteristic of several countries. People can try to eat the spicy Chinese foods, Mexican foods or the Indian foods with a lot of amounts of hot peppers. An old recipe of the basil tea is said to be able to relief the nasal congestion quickly. This is also valid for the consumption for the non-alcohol Bloody Mary cocktail and the spicy tomato tea.

In order to relieve the nasal congestion, people can use the physical manipulation to the nasal area. Use the hot and moist compresses and placed it over the nose, under the eyes while pressing the tongue on the roof of the mouth. Gently pressing the point between the nose and the eyes also help in the reliving the nasal congestion. It is believed that by doing those things mentioned above, the facial bones in the sinus area can be shifted for the better drainage. Saline spray is one of the most popular Nasal Congestion Remedies and can be easily made at home with various recipes but the remedies will need the baking soda and also boiling salt in a pan and then cooled it in a sanitized bottle

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