Paranasal Sinuses

Paranasal sinuses are the parts of the body that the real functions are still debated by the experts. They are the four paired spaces that filled with air that are divided into the four different subgroups. The names of the subgroups are taken from the area of bones in where the sinuses lie. Located below the eyes are the sinuses of maxillary. Taking the responsibility of protecting the eyes and forming the hard part of forehead are the frontal sinuses. Located between eyes and nose are the ethmoid sinuses and the ones that located in sphenoid bone are the sphenoid sinuses.

paranasal sinusesThe respiratory epithelium or also called as the pseudostraified columnar epithelium are lined with the paranasal air sinuses. Paranasal sinuses are formed by a process of bone excavation. The process is involving the nasal cavity’s pneumatic divercula. This process will continuously repeat for the rest of the lifetime of the organisms. These sinuses are appearing in the wide variety on animals including the birds, mammals, reptiles and many others. The forming process of the sinuses is slightly the same. The bones that occupied by the sinuses on animals are also quite variable. However the bones hold the role just like human’s sinuses.

However the biological roles for the paranasal sinuses are still debated. But there are a number of possibilities that have been proposed so far:

·     Decreasing the total weight on a skull especially for the weight of the bones that located on the face.

·     The heat and the humidity modifier because it is the area in which the air inhaled turn around this area.

·     A voice’s resonance increased in here.

·     Insulating the sensitive structures such as the dental roots and also the fragile eyes from the rapid fluctuations of the temperature in the area around the nasal cavity

·     Providing the buffer on whatever blows that come to the face

Ostia is the small orifices that joined the nasal cavity with the Paranasal Sinuses and the join can be easily blocked by the nasal lining that currently swelling or the allergic inflammation which appear along with the cold. When the situation happens, there will be the disturbance inside of the sinuses that cannot be ignored as the sinusitis will possibly appear. These conditions are treatable by using drugs such as the pseudoephedrine that will cause the vasoconstriction around the sinuses. The inflammation reduced through the traditional irrigation of nasal or through the corticosteroid. It is better to check it properly when the symptoms of sinus congestion appear.

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