Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion is also being called as the rhinitis or the nasal congestion is a blockage on one or more on four pairs of the sinus passageways. This blockage might be the result of the inflammation or the swelling on the nasal tissues, the mucus secretion or the obstruction on one bone on the nose. Sinus can be chronic and acute. The sinus in acute level often caused by the common cold while the chronic leveled sinus often caused by the environmental irritants such as the food allergens, foreign things in the nose, the inhaled allergens and also the tobacco smoke.

Sinus CongestionThe sinus congestion can lead the fluids in the sinuses into the impaired flow which tends to lead into the infections of bacteria and can cause the sinusitis. At the very least there are two serious disorders that have been associated with the chronic nasal congestion; and those are the HIV and the chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The chronic nasal congestion that last for a long time, for three months or more is needed to be evaluated by the doctor. So when someone feels that the nasal congestion is not going away, a visit to the doctor is a must.

Every disease has the various symptoms and the sinus congestion also has several symptoms that signaling the disease. The typical symptoms that felt by a lot of people are including the pain, pressure and also the tenderness around the frontal sinus which located in the area above the eyebrows and also around maxillary sinus or more known as the area of upper side teeth. The other symptoms that might appear are including the stuffiness of nasal that is often followed by the thick green or yellow discharge, bad breathe, the irritating dry cough and also the drip of the postnasal.

The allergy to the inhalants such as animal dander, dust mites, molds, pollens or trees is known to be the most common cause of the Sinus Congestion. The exposure of the various chemicals at home and also at work may also contribute the allergic rhinitis to happen. Air pollution is another factor for the nasal congestion to happen to the susceptible people. The consumption of cigarettes by some people has increase the chronic nasal congestion to happen to the men as well as the secondhand exposure to the tobacco. It is obvious that people must try to live in the healthy environment with the east pollution although that it is hard to do.

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